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Our Policies

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Safeguarding child protection policy

At Prospect House we work with children, parents, external agencies and the community to ensure the welfare and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life…Read More


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Sickness and illness policy

At Prospect House we promote the good health of all children attending. To help keep children healthy and minimise infection, we do not expect children to attend nursery if they are unwell…Read More


PDF format documentEquipment and resources policy

At Prospect House we believe that high-quality care and early learning is promoted by providing children with safe, clean, stimulating, age and stage appropriate resources, toys and equipment….Read More


PDF format documentConfidentiality policy

At Prospect House we recognise that we hold sensitive/confidential information about children and their families and the staff we employ….Read More


PDF format documentSettling in policy

At Prospect House we aim to support parents and other carers to help their children settle quickly and easily by giving consideration to the individual needs and circumstances of every child and their families….Read More


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Intimate care policy

At Prospect House we believe that all children need contact with familiar, consistent carers to ensure they can grow and develop socially and emotionally…Read More


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Complaints and compliments policy

At Prospect House we believe that parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their individual needs and wishes…Read More


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Adverse weather

At Prospect House we have an adverse weather policy in place to ensure our nursery is prepared for all weather conditions that might affect the running of the nursery such as floods, snow and heat waves…Read More


PDF format documentSafe recruitment of staff policy

At Prospect House we are vigilant in our recruitment procedures aiming to ensure all people working with children are suitable to do so….Read More


PDF format documentNutrition and mealtimes policy

At Prospect House we believe that mealtimes should be happy, social occasions for children and staff alike. We promote shared, enjoyable positive interactions at these times….Read More


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Safe care and practice policy

At Prospect House we believe that all children need to feel safe, secure and happy. This involves nursery staff being responsive to children’s needs, whilst maintaining professionalism…Read More


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Visits and outings policy

At Prospect House we offer children a range of local outings including walks and visits off the premises. We believe that planned outings and visits complement and enhance the learning opportunities inside the nursery environment and extend children’s experiences…Read More


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Staff development and training policy

At Prospect House we value our staff highly. We believe that personal and professional development is essential for maintaining the delivery of high-quality care and learning for children in their early years…Read More


PDF format documentAccidents and first aid policy

At Prospect House we aim to protect children at all times. We recognise that accidents or incidents may sometimes occur….Read More


PDF format documentAdmissions policy

At Prospect House we care for children between the ages of 3 months and 11 years of age. The numbers and ages of children admitted to the nursery comply with the legal space requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)….Read More